Sunday, July 22, 2012

looking for scooter rental facility in italia please check this MultiRent Toscana.

Motorcycle Rental Italy Car and Motorbike Rental was founded by the current owners Roberto & Salvatore in 2004. Salvatore who is a life-long motorcycle nut is a computer science man and has an extensive history within the motorcycle business.

Roberto is the artist of Multirent: he is an Arhitecht and likes photography.

The business commenced in 2004 with a few scooters and a couple of motorbikes. as Multirent. Nowadays Multirent is the owner of the Brand Motorcycle Rental Tuscany, same domain of this web site.

The business continued to expand its number and range of motorcycles as well as market share for inbound fully independent motorcycle tourists to the point where the business quickly out-grew its first two locations. In January 2005 Multirent had rental locations in Pisa and Florence. In 2008 Milan rental site was added to the range.

The main rental facility and offices are still in Pontedera, a few miles East from Pisa. Pontedera is the city where Piaggio, the manufacturer of the Scooter Vespa, has their head offices and main factory.

So you are looking to rent a quality motorbike, scooter or car to tour in Tuscany and taylor your visit to our Country so to have afterwards memories of that to last forever. Well you have then come to the right place!

WWe live in that side of Tuscany were the land goes meeting the seaside (20 miles far West) and in the fascinating natural valley called Valdera (the Valley leading to Volterra).

We both Roberto and Salvatore are motorbike lovers since ever: without this passion in all that has a engine propelling two wheels we would have never arranged this Motorbike and Scooter Rental facility.

We like to receive year after year riders from so many different Countries, we love to meet people from North America as well as Australia and what makes our business grow every year is the feeling our vehicles allowed visitors to ride our beautiful Tuscany and Nation and go back home with colourful memories and emotions which are to last forever.

Waiting for you too to be one of our customers, riding the pictoresque winding roads in Tuscany and Italy.

Roberto & Salvatore


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