Friday, July 20, 2012

Puffin Scooters Great Reason to Rent a Scooter

Reykjavík is the capital and largest city in Iceland. Puffin Scooters was founded on a very short notice in the summer of 2008. The idea originated from a lack of understanding why people were going about their business within the city during the summer time in big jeeps. We had heard about scooter rentals in all the mayor cities in the world so why not in Reykjavik too? ? The idea surfaced and within two months Puffin Scooters opened at the Reykjavik harbor.

From the start, Icelanders and travelers showed a very positive response to this new service here in Reykjavik. Therefore, there was no turning back. Puffin Scooters were here to stay and the adventure began for real. 

In the summer of 2010 we added rollerblades, electric bikes and fishing rods to the rental. That same summer we also started to work with the guides at Season Tours which now offer memorable and fun tours around the capitals most interesting places on electric bikes and scooters.

Last summer Puffin Scooters extended their services even more, by offering lovely electric scooters for rent. The electric scooters are perfect for those who dontt like to mix up with others in traffic, for those who prefer less excitement, for those who dont have a drivers license and or for those who want to go about the eco friendly way. 

In the beginning of 2012 Puffin Scooters decided to join forces with Biking Viking motorcycle rental and tours. The rentals are located at Reykjavik Motor Center, Kleppsvegur 152, 104 Reykjavik. However, during June, July and August, Puffin Scooters are located by the Reykjavik Old Harbour, next to the Whale watching boats. 

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