Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eco-friendly electric scooter

Are you looking for eco-friendly electric scooter, Vectrix might be able to provide a solution for you.
Vectrix was founded in 1996 with one objective — to provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable inner-city transportation. And for a decade, leading engineers and designers worked to create a 100% electric vehicle that also had performance and style.
The result was the Vectrix, a zero-emission vehicle — no gas, no oil and no compromise. With a top speed of 68 MPH and acceleration of 0-50 in 6.8 seconds, Vectrix is highway legal. With aerodynamic styling, Vectrix has smooth handling and sleek lines.
In 2007, people in the U.S. and Europe taking delivery of Vectrix—people looking for style, performance and zero emissions, people who understood that the 100% electric vehicle could help reduce pollution, counter the rising price of gasoline, and avoid traffic and parking hassles.
Today, as the demand for energy efficient vehicles is growing, Vectrix is leading a revolution in personal transportation.



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