Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vespa MP6 Prototype 1945

Vespa MP6 Prototype 1945 At the end of the Second World War, Enrico Piaggio gave Corradino D’Ascanio the job of designing a simple vehicle that was tough, economic, and elegant. It had to be easily rideable by anybody without dirtying their clothes, and have a seat for a passenger.

D’Ascanio, who was not a great lover of motorbikes as such, drew up a completely original vehicle. Digging into his aeronautics background he came up with the idea of a vehicle mounted on a chassis with the gear change on the handlebars. He also put the drive on the rear wheel so creating a highly original wheel-mounted engine grouping.

The front suspension arm, looking a bit like aircraft landing gear, made changing the wheel much easier.   This prototype, the MP6, was still without a name when in  September 1945 it was presented to Enrico Piaggio, who exclaimed, “It looks like a wasp!”

Engine: Two-stroke single cylinder engine, with the cylinder in iron and the cylinder head in light alloy. Bore: 50 mm
Stroke: 50 mm
Displacement: 98 cc
Top speed: 38 mph
Suspension: elastic with a steel spring on the front wheel and rubber pads near the rear wheel and engine
Brakes: drums
Tires: 3.50-8 source :


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