Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vespa 98 Among the 12 Best Industrial Designs of the 20th Century

A study carried out by CNN has shown the Vespa 98 as one of the best industrial designs of the 20th century.

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Even though there are many fellows out there who would never like to be seen riding a Vespa, we have to be honest and admit the iconic scooter is one of the major trend-setters in the two-wheeled industry.

Given the amazing popularity of the Vespa scooters and their reliable build, we got to see them in motion pictures, copied and sold in pretty much any country around the globe, and this contributed to enhance the profound impact this vehicle had on culture and society.

Speaking with CNN about the Vespa, the Italian designer Gianfranco Zaccai added: "Vespa's unisex design is genius: both men in suits and women in skirts can travel elegantly." The other 11 winners of the category are: Apple Macintosh, the escalator, the Virgin Galactic Space Plane, the AK-47 machine gun, the floppy disc, the iPod, the Aeron chair, the 1979 Bang & Olufsen stereo system, the Airbus A380, Ford Model T and the jet engine.

source autoevolution


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