Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fuel Consumption

While fuel consumption is not usually an issue that greatly concerns tuners who are generally more interested in greater engine output (whether in terms of torque, acceleration, top speed or other aspects of improved performance) rather than fuel economy, it is an issue which nevertheless merits consideration. In this section, we shall consider not only fuel consumption of different set-ups for the different categories of Vespas (Small frames, PX125 & 150, Large Frames, P-Series 200 & other 200 cc engines), but also whether fuel consumption rates can be reduced and if so, by what means. Obviously the infinitesimal variety of set-ups for tuned engines precludes an exhaustive list of fuel consumption rates, but a register of typical consumption rates for certain set-ups may serve as a beneficial guide for tuners and provide them with useful benchmarks.

It may be useful first to recall the fuel consumption rates of stock standard Vespa. See Fuel Consumption



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